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PP12-POE-0.15M-W UTP passive PoE adapter kit, 0.15 m Perfect for use with IP-cameras Transfers power and data over single Ethernet cable Plug and Play: no installation or configuration required This passive Power over Ethernet injector + splitter adapter kit is an ideal solution to supply e.g. your IP Camera with power and data without adding an extra cable. This kit contains 2 adapters which manage the power and data transfer over only one single network cable. This very useful when you do not have a power socket anywhere near your IP camera. The PoE injector cable combines power and data onto the network cable and the PoE splitter cable converts the signal back to separate power and data for your IP Camera. Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapter kit PoE Injector cable: RJ45 female + power female to RJ45 male (external power adapter not included) PoE Splitter cable: RJ45 female + power male to RJ45 male Enables power and data transfer over single network cable Especificaciones DC power connectors: outer diameter 5.5 mm x internal diameter 2.1 mm Material: AWG24 pure copper Outer diameter cable: 5.3 mm ??? Pinout: 1 — 1 2 — 2 3 — 3 6 — 6 4,5 — 4,5 (V+) 7,8 — 7,8 (V-)

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